Shampure Shampoo

Shampure Shampoo


Purified Rose Water, Saponified palm oil, cocoa pod, plantain leaf ash, Pure Organic Aloe Vera, Cold pressed Hemp, Raw Organic Castor Oil, Vitiman A,C,E,K, and Zinc. Retained Glycerin, Cellulose from Plants, Organic Lavender Essiential Oil, Mentha Piperita Pepperment Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis Rosemary Oil along side an Essential Herbal Blend.

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Our “Shampure Shampoo” is an Organic, Plant-based, Vegan Detoxifying Shampoo that treats the overall condition of the scalp and hair with it’s powerful medicinal properties that balance the PH levels of your hair and scalp. It helps to stop the DHT hormone which reduces hair fall and promotes cell regeneration providing extreme hair growth.

Shampure Shampoo deeply cleanses the hair while removing dead skin cells from the scalp to  unblock the pores. It is a natural antioxidant, antifungal, that protects the hair and scalp from free radicals. Shampure Shampoo fights off bacteria, and fungus while increasing the blood circulation to the scalp accelerating hair growth.

It’s chuck full of Vitamins A, E, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Calcium extremely rich in fatty acids that nourishes the hair helping to define the curls and reduce frizz while penetrating the scalp to help cleanse, moisturize and rebuild the scalp and hair from the inside out.


All products are Specially Handmade according to each order, please allow for 1-2 buisness days to process



Wet the Hair with warm water. Apply a generous amount of Shampure Shampoo to the scalp and hair strands. Massage in vigourously to create an amazinng lather. Rinse thouroghly with warm water then follow up with our Conditionpure Conditioner.