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We’re on Amazon!!!

We’ve made your shopping experience a breeze, you now have the option of shopping with us at our Online store WWW.HOLLANDMILANORGANICS.COM or

Featured in “Montco Today”!!!

Featured in “Main Line Today”

Thank you “Main Line Today!” We are truly honored to be featured amongst some of the best Black-Owned Owned Businesses in the Philadelphia Suburbs! “Holland & Milan Organics” is an All Natural, Organic, Plant-based, Handmade Hair and Skincare Line that specializes in an array of

Why your skin needs 8 hours of beauty sleep too

In our 24-7 world, it’s super easy to want to stay up just a little bit later. But when you power down and get to bed at a decent hour, it truly pays off when you look in the mirror. People who snooze for at

Anti-Viral Herbal Tincture (Immune System Booster)

The “Anti-Viral Herbal Tincture”, has super herbs thst are very rich in Anti-Oxidants, Anti-Inflammatories and Anti-Microbials to help boost your Immune System. Helping to ease Cold & Flu like systems to break down Mucus as well as tame Inflammation serving as a disinfectant to aid

Let’s Celebrate🎉!!!

We are elated to announce that Holland & Milan Organics are now available at We truly appreciate all your love and support throughout the years. We are humbly grateful for this opportunity and thought we’d share this wonderful news. Let’s Welcome 2021 kicking off