Miracle Minerals Face Mask

Miracle Minerals Face Mask


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Our “Miracle Minerals Face Mask” is a true Miracle that slows down the process of aging by aiding in cell repair, minimizing¬†the appearance of large pores, reducing¬†fine lines and wrinkles while tightening the skin. This purifying Mask calms inflamation, redness from rashes, outbreaks and sun burn. Miracle Minerals will help the skin to recover fast and prevent further damage. It up roots dead skin cells that make the skin appear dull, rough and aged while brightening and tightening the skin. Our “Miracle Minerals Face Mask” clarifying agents also help to treat blemishes and pimple scaring. Miracle Minerals¬†leaves¬†your face feeling revitalized, tight, bright and radiant. Miracle Minerals is packed with minerals, nutrients and vitamins B, A, E and K.

Care Guide:

Apply a generous amout to the palm, massage into face lightly in an upward round about motion. Let it set on the face for 30min. or as long as you wish. So gentle it could be worn overnight. Rinse thouroughly with warm water. Follow up with Miracle Minerals Face Spray, allow time to dry, then follow up with Holland & Milan Organics Face & Body Butter or Lavender Face & Body Oil. 

*Keep Refridgerated.*