Anti-Viral Herbal Tincture (Immune Booster)

Anti-Viral Herbal Tincture (Immune Booster)


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These super herbs are very rich in Anti-Oxidants, Anti-Inflammatories, and Anti-Microbials to help boost your Immune System. Helps to ease Cold & Flu-like systems to break down Mucus as well as tame Inflammation serving as a disinfectant to aid in Ear, Nose, & Throat like Upper Respiratory Infections, Allergies, Candida, and any sort of Bacterial or Viral conditions. The “Anti-Viral Herbal Tincture” has many powerful health benefits. Keeping the Lungs in good health during Cold & Flu season is key!


7-Day Herbal Immune System Booster. Take 1 Tea Cup i.e (6.5oz.) pour into a teapot, warm until just before a boil then drink. Take Morning or Night, 30min. before or 30min. after Meal Time. Enjoy!

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