Green Goodness (Body Elixir)

Green Goodness (Body Elixir)


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Holland & Milan OrganicsšŸŒ±šŸŒŗ, “GreenGoodness” is a 14 Day regimen f whichĀ includes 2 “Vitamin shots”! This is an all naturalĀ healing agent that will Repair, Rebuild and Restore the major organs while cleansing the entire body of toxins and impurities. This Elixir purifies the bloodstream, disinfects the gut and stops inflammation. It’s an all natural antioxidant that promotes energy, prevents pain, calms the mind and relieves the stress. It works as a tonic for the stomach and liver as well. The Elixir releases the bile trapped in the intestines and pushes out parasites, stones, gut yeast, mucous ect. So your not just losing weight, it also provides medicinal healing as well. Allow 30min. digestion. Please do not consume any liquid or foods during this time period of 30min. Recommended dose: 1 Shot glass full in the AM and 1 Shot Glass full in the PM.


14 Day Cleanse: $70Ā for the first 48oz of the “Greengoodness” whichĀ coversĀ the first 7 days of the 14 day cleanse. The second $70 is for an additional 48oz of the “Greengoodness” which will now then be accompianed byĀ the 1st Vitamin Shot for $20, that willĀ then coverĀ the last 7 days of the 14 day cleanse. Followed up with the last Vitamin Shot for $20 on the ending of theĀ 14th day cleanse.

Care Guide:

Please keep refridgerated.

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