Fire BallšŸ”„ (Herbal Tincture)

Fire BallšŸ”„ (Herbal Tincture)


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The “Fire BallšŸ”„” is a Fast-acting Tincture used as an expectorant (helps mucus expulsion) to help relieve coughs and chest complaints, such as catarrhs and bronchitis. It is a natural cough remedy and expectorant. Helpful for hoarse cough, laryngitis, or general hoarseness. It relaxes the bronchial tubes, easing tightness and reducing spasms of coughing. Thins mucus in the lungs, helping its expulsion. In other words, youā€™ll cough less but when you do cough, something will come out! The joy of this natural cough remedy is the speed at which it works. Often, 12 hours of use can easily make a big difference to your condition.


Pour into a teapot, warm until just before a boil then drink.Ā  Take morning or night, 30min. before or 30min. after meal time. Enjoy!